Me and Bowser like to chill :)

Me and Bowser like to chill :)

Linkin Park: Living Things review

I wrote this up a couple of days ago in a facebook comment when asked of my opinion of the album. You can read Crystals review right here

this is the album art, right?

  • It always seems whenever a Linkin Park album is released that I’m at a specific event or time in my life that I’ll always tie the album to. With Hybrid Theory it’s always going to remind me of hanging out at my buddy Brians house watching Frat Party at the Pancake festival, Reanimation, the trip to Missouri hanging out playing Red Faction and Vice City in the van on the way home, all the way up to A Thousand Suns being in Seattle and starting things up with Crystal.

    Then we come to Living Things, the album leaking just before heading to the Dells and upon my first initial listen I didn’t absolutely hate it because I couldn’t necessarily picture Chester singing each song on top of a cliff with his unbuttoned white shirt blowing in the wind. So it quickly became me and Crystals album for the trip, so naturally, I had a better chance to listen to it and judge it for what it really is. While this album was still being produced LP talked about how they were going back to times before TS, which, was scary for me because well…Minutes to Midnight sucked. While I’m happy to say it’s definitely better than M2M it’s hard to see what they were saying with that…It’s almost as if they sort of lost their identity and a sense of what they want to be amidst what the label wants and how much Joe wants to scratch his turn tables (once per album).

    It’s newer in the sense it has a heavy focus on keyboards and synths and crazy ass sounds, but its a bit of the old because it reverts back to the old 3-3 and half minute song limit. While I believe most songs failed to reach their potential and the band just listened to what they had and thought “eh, good enough” (see Lies Greed and Misery), there was also a handful of masterful songs that I never really sort of expect from LP (Castle of Glass), and while I may be contradictory in liking “Roads Untraveled,” that “WOOOOooo oooOOOOO” part is just two damn catchy. It’s definitely a hit or miss album in my opinion, especially after being convinced by A Thousand Suns LP CAN go in a new direction, this sort of makes me wonder if they hit a creative wall and figured “well shit, let’s run with what we got and hope for the best.”

    LP also just couldn’t help themselves…and you know this complaint from me all too well, they tend to slow things down a bit too much for my liking. Now, we’re not talking “Robot Boy” levels of suck, but Powerless and In My Remains are both pretty meh-worthy. They still don’t focus on what makes LP a fun band to listen to, songs like Victimized and Castle of Glass are both great examples of what they’re capable of but tend to just touch base with on every album.

    Is Living Things a bad album? No. Is it a good album? Eh…sort of? At it’s worst, it feels forced and uninspired, at it’s best it gives me exactly what the old LP fan inside of me wants. It reaches levels of a great LP album, while also falling down to meh a bit too often for my liking.


    Favorite Tracks:
    Castle of Glass
    Roads Untraveled


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